The BRControls missionWhat is BACnet?

BACnet (Building Automation and Control Network) is a data communication protocol for building automation systems that comply with the ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 135 and ISO 16484-5. BACnet, founded by a consortium of end users and manufacturers, is the only truly open standard for building management systems.

The protocol specification, which comprises over 500 pages, indicates precisely how a BACnet system should function. In addition to all the rules necessary for exchanging data between systems, the methods and communication media are described, as well as the services available and the way in which the data should be interpreted. In short, the specification contains the ground rules for open communication between various systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

BRControlsWhy BACnet?

BACnet is a totally open, independent standard. No manufacturer-dependent chip sets or protocols are used. That sets us apart from other protocols, such as LonWorks, which require a manufacturer-specific Neuron chip for each regulator.

BRControlsWhat does BACnet do?

BACnet brings an end to frustration with manufacturer-dependent systems and gives end users far more options. For a long time, BACnet has been striving towards full interoperability among the building management systems of a range of manufacturers. With this in mind, the BACnet commission has defined a standard for data, management and communication functions in BACnet. Standard network types such as LAN (Local Area Networks) have been selected for sending BACnet notifications.

BRControlsBACnet and BRControls

BRControls supplies BACnet solutions for new and existing projects, using BRC-45 system controllers. Via a BACnet router, all our products can communicate with other installations linked to the building. All the parameters and variables in your installations are translated into standardized BACnet objects. This ensures the continuity and comparability of your installations, meaning you do not have to install a totally new control network.

BRControlsCitect as a SCADA application (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Citect is a powerful software package that is used by BRControls as an independent visualization and operation application. This solution allows a complete overview of the data from the main BRC regulators and other devices. The overviews can be adapted as desired.

As a Citect Integration Partner, BRControls has solid technical expertise in house of Citect SCADA and the BACnet device driver program available in Citect. This ensures your projects can be carried out successfully.

BRControlsBACnet: open and independent

The BACnet protocol allows communication with the technical installation. In addition, BRControls provides a fully compatible BHCP device driver program for communication with BRControls products. BACnet communication can also be carried out via the internal web server. The choice is entirely up to you.

BRControlsManagement of malfunctions

ASAP, part of Citect, provides for a highly extensive handling of malfunctions via SMS, email, printer, fax or buzzer.


Citect is a web program. That means that you can operate and configure the software using a browser, regardless of your physical location.


BRControls allows the use of BACnet. Our web interface for operation and visualization is included as standard in the system controller. This provides you with far more benefits. It is always possible to connect BACnet software with an independent visualization tool at a later stage.

We would be happy to inform you of the options available.

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