Maerlant College Brielle

Maerlant College Brielle
Maerlant College Brielle
Maerlant College Brielle
Maerlant College Brielle
Maerlant College Brielle
  • Location Vierpolders
  • Function School voor vmbo, basisberoepsgerichte en kaderberoepsgerichte leerweg, gemengde en theoretische leerweg, inclusief lwoo en lwt, havo, atheneum en gymnasium.
  • Completion Completed (2012)
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Project description


Individual control per location for climate, CO2, lighting and blinds. Data connection with the thermal storage installation.

Building and users:

The Maerlant is a school for nearly all forms of secondary education.

It was created over the course of several years of mergers and changes in administration.

New construction

In June 2009, the Bijzondere Projecten commission made a historical decision.

The Maerlant College was able to bring its ambitions to life and was given the opportunity to build modern and sustainable buildings.

The philosophy behind the new construction was to work on a small scale. The result was four buildings with their own school leadership and their own organization, based on a particular vision. MAVO (intermediate general secondary education) students were thus housed in a different building from their friends in HAVO (senior general secondary education), VWO (pre-university education), or VMBO (intermediate preparatory vocational education). A safe building with a covered bike storage area and plenty of space for social interaction. There are no super-sized auditoriums or cafeteria, but there is a private relaxation area in each building.


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