Brede School Opwierde in Appingedam

Brede School Opwierde in Appingedam
Brede School Opwierde in Appingedam
Brede School Opwierde in Appingedam
Brede School Opwierde in Appingedam
  • Location Appingedam
  • GFA 6.000 m2
  • Function Onderwijs, Buitenschoolse opvang, Cultuur, Sport en Ontspanning
  • Completion Completed (2014)
  • Particularities Frisse school
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Project description

Over the last few years, several parties have been working on a new Brede School (Broad School) for the Opwierde area in Appingedam. The school has been designed to invite people to learn, play, do sports and meet one another. The Brede School is home to the following organizations and more: Public elementary school OBS De Iemekörf, public Jenaplan elementary school Jan Nieuwenhuyzen, Protestant-Christian elementary school De Triangel, preschool Pinkeltje/ASWA and Kids2b. By bringing these organizations under one roof, an integrated children’s center has been created in which both children and adults are welcome. The Brede School provides space for a preschool, a nursery school, day care, education and lunchtime center, and hosts after-school care and cultural, educational and sports activities.

The renowned office of Herman Hertzberger in Amsterdam took over the design of the school. Architecture Studio HH. Herman Hertzberger, now over 80 years old, is regarded as a mentor for the construction of schools and other public buildings. Through his designs, he attempts to stimulate social interactions both for children and adults and to promote multiple use. A now widely-used example is the flight of stairs which can also be used as a platform (known in Dutch as the ‘tribunetrap’, or platform stairs).

Appingedam is in a shrinking rural region of the Netherlands. The expectation is that the number of children will decrease in the next few years. For this reason, it is important to build a school that can handle both reduction and growth. The school is designed in such a way (in terms of layout and frame) that the building can be adapted and can be set up in accordance with the demands of the users.

Energy and air quality are important topics for schools. The new Brede School features a number of extra sustainable facilities: extra insulation, a sedum roof and PV cells for solar energy. All this results in a lower energy demand. The design of the school also ensures an effective ventilation system to maintain an optimal air quality.


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