Orionis Walcheren

Orionis Walcheren
Orionis Walcheren
  • Location Vlissingen
  • GFA 9000 m2
  • Function Werken en leren.
  • Completion Completed (2014)
  • Particularities Webgebaseerd gebouwbeheer BRC45 Remote I/O- en individuele naregelingen BRN4, 5 en 12.

Project description

Orionis Walcheren is a work placement company. By investing in participation projects, customers increase their chances of gaining work and taking part in the community, resulting in them no longer needing to claim welfare. The work projects also mean that Orionis Walcheren provides a contribution to charitable projects in Walcheren.

Orionis Walcheren is a joint agreement of the municipalities of Middelburg, Veere and Vlissingen and is responsible for the implementation of the Participation Act, along with related legislation, debt counseling in Walcheren, organizing work or participation guidance and, if required, providing income support and/or financial assistance.


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