Training for end users

Operational training for administrators and users/end users

To achieve the right level of comfort with optimal energy use, it is essential that all functions of the building management system are used and that the correct control settings are defined. For this reason, we provide training for users of the system. After this training, users will be able to analyze the installation in a straightforward way using trends. This is a simple way of anticipating user complaints.

  • What should I do in the event of temperature complaints?
  • How do night reduction and firing up the installation work?
  • How do I map trends so I can analyze complaints?
  • Which settings can I use to ensure that the installation works well and with the right levels of comfort?
  • How can I set my installation in a way that optimizes energy use?
  • How do I create other users with lower authorization levels?

The training lasts for one day and, provided there are sufficient participants, can be given at your desired location.

The costs for the training are determined in consultation.

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