Mission and vision

The BRControls mission

BRControls develops products and supplies web-based operating systems for technical installations. We do this entirely independently. Innovative, but never losing sight of functionality, as proven by more than 4000 installations that we have supplied to date. BRControls’ systems are set apart by their open, transparent nature and extremely user friendly, intuitive operation.


BRControls provides a total package, from the development of a web-based building management system to its assembly and realization. The characteristics of BRControls products include their user-friendly nature, the guaranteed long service life and the application of fast, high tech devices. BRControls is based in the Dutch city of Zwolle, with a subsidiary in ’s-Hertogenbosch. In order to provide national coverage, BRControls works with a number of certified partners.

BRControls target groups

BRControls focuses on the automation of buildings and industrial applications, and supplies software programs for climate, tap water, legionella prevention, blinds, lighting, energy management, thermal storage, key management, access control, and links with other disciplines. Our target groups include advisors, project developers, installers and maintenance companies.

BRControls as a product

BRControls is an innovative, smart product of Dutch origin that is ideally suited for a whole host of applications relating to high-tech building management. It can be operated online and via the network. This makes BRControls a market innovation. It is a highly flexible, open system that has been developed in accordance with the latest technological trends for modern building management. The advantage of this for you as a user is that wherever you are in the world, you can view information about your buildings online. It could not be any simpler!

Core activity

The aim of BRControls is to ensure optimal ease of use; that is our core activity. Our intelligent building management system with corresponding management software makes each property fully manageable and controllable. We supply our systems through our partners, a select community of renowned (installation) companies and system integrators.