Switching and distribution devices

Switching and distribution devices are an important part of the technical installation of a building and form the basis of a pleasant working environment.

Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of BRControls Projects BV, and they are what we continue to prove at a high level on every installation.

BRControls Projects BV is an ALPHA partner of Siemens Netherlands NV and constructs, under license by Siemens Netherlands NV, free-standing sheet metal Sivacon S4 energy distribution systems to 3000A, along with sheet metal standing cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets to 630A.

Our switching and distribution devices are high quality and comply with the IEC-EN60439 standard. Construction and tests are carried out by specially-trained experts. We have the in-house expertise to determine the best solution. You will always receive a test report. A short circuit calculation is quickly available upon request.

Would you like to know more? Our account manager would be happy to talk to you about our working methods and our successfully completed projects for you to use as references.

Panel construction

BRControls Projects BV has at its disposal its own panel construction department with highly trained staff. By continuously training and educating our people and by working in accordance with the ISO norms, we have achieved a very high rate of efficiency. Furthermore, every cabinet that leaves the company is fully checked and tested in advance.

Sivacon S4

Main distribution cabinet with power lock box, removable cassettes and mains breaker that can be withdrawn.When designing a building, the aim is to generate as many rentable square meters as possible. This often comes at the cost of technical space. In addition, disconnecting the power supply of a building requires a lot of preparation; drawing up a plan alone takes a great deal of time. Clients prefer for this to take place outside of office hours. The Sivacon S4 allows you to effortlessly anticipate these two important aspects.

The Sivacon 4 is a compact distributor with highly flexible properties. It is possible, for example, to exchange live groups using IP20 bulkheads. A flexible format is available right up until the last minute. An emergency power supply up to 630A can be safely provided with a powerlock box connected to an emergency generator.

The benefit of this for you as a customer is that there is no need for time-consuming plans to be drawn up. Maintenance can be carried out during normal working hours. Users of the building will not notice a thing and will also not have to take the work into account.

Would you like to know more about the technology behind the distribution boxes? Please contact our account manager. We’re happy to help.

E-distributor account manager
José Gomez