Timmerhuis Rotterdam

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BRControls provides flexible room regulation from the BRN20 range based on TCP/IP.

The project:

The Timmerhuis consists of an old portion and a new portion and is a silent witness to the turbulent history, in combination with technical ingenuity and a futuristic look. It is a building people love and one which was given a nickname by the people of Rotterdam, just like the ‘koopgoot’ (shopping canal), ‘de hoerenloper’ (red carpet bridge), ‘de zwaan’ (the swanlike Erasmus Bridge), ‘het potlood’ (the pencil building) and ‘station kapsalon’ (fast food of fries topped with meat and melted cheese and salad greens). The term 'glasbak’, or glass container, has been heard in the halls of the building, but there are sure to be more.

Source: www.timmerhuisrotterdam.nl

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22.000 m2 voor de kantoren en 3.500 m2 retail, horeca, commerciële en algemene ruimten.
Wonen, werken, parkeren en recreëren
Completed (2015)
'Zwevend' ontwerp van OMA, BREAAM Excellent.