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Article from Installatie & Bouw 2015:

Control installation VERY GOOD

With a new cold storage space, office, workshop, car wash and shipping space, transport company Wolter Koops is certainly ready for the future. The logistics campus in Zeewolde has been constructed in a sustainable manner and has been awarded the BREEAM Very Good certificate. This is partly thanks to the building management system manufactured and installed by BRControls.

Even for the more adept among us, it remains a very special piece of technology: a building management system with which building installations can be set, adjusted and fine-tuned from anywhere in the world.
An example of a control system recently installed by the Zwolle-based control systems manufacturer BRControls BV is the new Wolter Koops logistics transport center in Zeewolde: online and developed in accordance with the latest technology. Sales manager Harry Peters: "The building contains some really sustainable features. Released heat from the cold storage space is used to heat the office and workshop, for example. The fact that our control technology helped to achieve the BREEAM certificate, of course, made it a rewarding task.”

BRControls developed both the control cabinets and the software installed in the cabinets for the center. Besides the climate installation, the blinds are also connected to the building management system – crucial, Peters says, because automated daylight control contributes to a reduced consumption of cooling energy. Making changes on an individual level is also possible, with control modules hung in the various rooms. BRControls was given the assignment by Van Dalen Installatietechniek in Twello. The company, on behalf of Koops, installed both the mechanical engineering and electrotechnical installations. The collaboration worked really well, says Peters. "They also really enjoyed the work. You have to do it together – no one could work without the skills of someone else. Everything ran smoothly."

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1.700 m2
Completed (2014)
Nieuwbouw met regeltechniek voor verwarming, koeling en besturing van zonwering.