AS1000 integration

Full integration with INTEGRAL AS1000 systems and Siemens terminal units (formerly SCS).

BRControlsMigration solutions for INTEGRAL

This Staefa Controls System (SCS) product, which has been on the market since 1987 and which was supplied by Siemens until the end of 2006, has been incorporated into countless installations over the years. AS1000 may be used in combination with TS1500/NITEL or MS2000/NCRS as a management system. Since 2007, these products are no longer available for new installations or for the expansion of existing facilities. BRControls Products has a great deal of experience with these systems. Our BRC-45 regulator allows full use to be made of the existing products. This enables a gradual migration of your installation.

BRControlsService life

Opt to extend the service life of your installation by upgrading it seamlessly and completely transparently to a web system using this BRControls regulator, with nothing lost in the process.

BRControlsDevice driver

With the BRC-45 regulator, a device driver is supplied through which completely transparent communication with the underlying device from the AS1000 family is guaranteed.


The programming in the AS1000 modules is preserved. For this reason, no new software needs to be installed – only the visualization is taken over. If the installation is expanded or replaced, the programming is taken over. This is a straightforward process which ensures that the new installation is converted without any errors and is programmed in a functionally identical way.

Integration with the following devices is possible:

BRControlsPrimary regulation using the NRU-A, NRU-B, NRU-C or NRU-D

  • NTIM (input and output modules)
  • NTOM (input and output modules)
  • NTOMS (input and output modules)
  • PRFB-...
  • PRR-...
  • PRU/A
  • PRVU

BRControlsRXC terminal units using the NIDES.RX

  • RXC-10
  • RXC-20
  • RXC-22
  • RXC-30
  • RXC-32
  • Several Rabobank branches
  • Wageningen Medical Center (existing installation with expansion)
  • Registered Offices of Municipality of Uden (existing installation with new visualization)
  • Skating Rink De Scheg in Deventer (existing installation with expansion)
  • Zutphen Detention Center
  • Frozen Meat Butcher
  • Meander Zwolle
  • IND Zevenaar
  • Crystal Tower

This way, a range of installations is provided with a web-based building management system, while retaining the AS1000 equipment in the underlying control cabinets and floors. If the products can no longer be supplied, the control box is equipped with BRControls devices. The AS1000 materials freed up can be used as back-up components for other control cabinets or floors in the event of any malfunctions. This is beneficial for the total cost of ownership. The user/installer will not perceive any differences in the operation of the installation as a whole and will benefit from the latest technologies, even for existing installations.

BRControlsBenefits for the user

- A highly modern, web-based building management system is immediately available.
- The existing installation can be visualized and configured using a web browser alone.
- Web systems from third parties can be used following the rebuild as desired.
- No need to depend solely on one supplier and/or product.
- There is no perceivable difference in the visualization options between existing and new installations.
- The materials from the rebuilt AS1000 cabinets can be used as back-up components.
- Option for straightforward, phased replacement. No unnecessarily high investment is required.
- The service life of the existing regulation installation is extended by 10 to 15 years.
- Very appealing from a pricing point of view with respect to total replacement of the regulation installation.
- No functional changes since the existing programming is used.

BRControlsExtra functions

Unlike with NCRS/NITEL, status notifications can be displayed and used for further notification.


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